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Pepijn De Greef - Product designer

Nothing is what it seems. Objects and raw materials always offer different possibilities than what they were initially intended for.

With his studio, Pepijn wants to take a new look at designs. He takes inspiration from everyday objects to upgrade them to the basis for a new product.


From an early age, Pepijn mainly looked at the possibilities offered by objects and shapes. He uses parts unconventionally to create new wholes with unexpected or relatable functions. Playmobil was used as lego, a ballpoint became a construction kit, objects became parts. Parts together form an interesting new whole.

Often, inspiration for products arises from the confluence of memory, circumstances and what is available. Pepijn exploits serendipity in his designs to show that objects are not simply what they are. His design process is driven by a fresh look at objects, leading him to create unique and interesting products.

After his secondary studies in Mechanical Design, Pepijn De Greef (1998) continued his studies in Product Design at the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen in Kortrijk.

During a unique internship in Ukraine (Lviv) with Zelenew, he learned about the possibility of working with plastic on a small scale. However, this required the development of new machines. Thus, the idea of making a mini-rotary machine was born. The machine makes it possible to produce his own miniseries.

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